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Upgrade your cutting table with our premium K4 replacement blades, specifically designed to deliver precision and durability for a wide range of film materials. These blades are the perfect replacement for Zünd Z4 and the Kongsberg BLD-KC104 blades, ensuring seamless compatibility and enhanced kiss cutting performance.

Cutting Method Kiss Cut, Score
Recommended Materials Self Adhesive Vinyl, Polycarbonate, Polyester, Masking Film, Window Prep Vinyl, Magnetic Media, Transfer Paper, 3M VHB
Cutting Angle Single Edge 55° / 25°
Max Cutting Depth 0.082in / 2.0mm
Knife Type Drag, Round Stock
Start Over Cut None
End Over Cut 0.027in / 0.70mm x Tm
Knife Materials Fine Grain Tungsten Carbide
Replacement For Kongsberg BLD-KC104 (i-104) / G42447532, Zünd Z4 / 3910116, Gerber MCT KC4 / 895004
Compatible with Zund, Kongsberg, CWT, and Cutworx Apex machines